We’ve known Velu as a leader in our community, a life coach

We’ve known Velu as a leader in our community, a life coach and a running enthusiast-cum-coach who has has been a very positive influence in the lives of many in our community. He has a reputation of brining a childlike enthusiasm and passion to every project that he commits to. While there was a debate on whether we should sell our house, there was no debate on who was going to sell it. Even before our first meeting, Velu had done his homework. What is usually a stressful experience turned out to be a very pleasant one thanks in no small measure to Velu. He made great use of the power of social media, his network at Kellar Williams and other sources to ensure maximum reach. His communications were always clear and precise, his follow through extremely thorough. He elicited great responses from interested parties, negotiated forcefully yet gracefully. He was very patient while explaining the process and gave us sound advice throughout the sale. The greatest compliment came from the buyers and their agent who acknowledged that they had never worked with a seller’s agent who was so responsive to their requests. We have no hesitation in recommending Raman Velu for your relator needs.